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11 November
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Against Post-Modern World

(Actual problems of traditionalism)

Within the bounds of the new project "Tradition" 15-16 October 2011 in Moscow will take place the international conference «Against Post-Modern World (actual problems of traditionalism).

Main topics:

• The Tradition and the Postmodernity.

• The Desecularization (the revival of the religious factor).

• The Eschatology (orthodoxy and heterodoxy).

• The problem of initiation.

• The Reign of post-Quantity.

• The Revision of the traditionalist discourse

• The Tradition and Revolution

Conference sessions:

Section I. The Christianity and neoplatonism

Origenes and his heritage
The Cappadocian Fathers (neoplatonic legacy in Trinitarian dogmatic)
Saint Denys Areopagit
Christian gnosis and Gnosticism
Neoplatonic tendencies in the Western Christianity (from Boetius to the scholasticism)
Neoplatonism in Renaissance

Section II. "Tradition vs. Postmodernity. "

Traditionalism and politics in XXI century
Traditionalism and global elite
Fourth Political Theory and Tradition
Actuality of Rene Guenon and its heritage (Genon's legacy, sociology, Post-Modernity)
The spiritual “nordism” and its metaphysics
Traditionalism and the problem of monotheism
Jean Parvulesco and his legacy

Section III. "Horizons of the new metaphysics and the figure of Radical Self. "

Eschatological gnosis
New Metaphysics and the sociology of imagination: radical traject and the archeomodernity as condition
The language and the realm of denotatum in New Metaphysics
New Metaphysics and the problem of chaos

Section IV. "The mission of Julius Evola. "

Traditionalism without Tradition

Tradition and Revolution
Julius Evola: viewed from the left
Evola and the West
Hermetic Tradition
Platonism and paganism

Section V. "Traditionalism and esotericism in Islam. "

The concept of Chechenian traditionalism
Philosophy of Ishraq
Geidar Jemal’s concept of the “revolution of the prophets”
Metaphysical topics in the modern islam fundamentalism (wahhabism, salafism, Al-Qaeda)

Section VI. "Traditionalism and the problem of langгage. "

The primordiality as a problem.
Hyperborean theory and Herman Wirth’s heritage
Traditionalism and the process of denotation
The concept of counter-initiation and its meanings (semantic approach)

Section VII. The metaphysics of chaos

The mythology of chaos
Chaos and Khora in Plato
Chaos and Heidegger
G.Deleuze: chaosmos, ply, Post-Modernity and baroque
Chaos and Thelema: theory, rites, practices
The voice from the nothing: Yuri Mamleev’s metaphysics

• Section VIII "Qabbalah and neoplatonism"

Lurian Qabballah
Ramhal and his heritage
The eschatological topics in Qabballah
Qabballah and Post-Modernity

There will be the participation of different Western traditionalists (among other prof. Claudio Mutti). During the conference will be held a personal exhibition of Russian artiste Alexey Belyaev-Gintovt and other art collectives.

To participate in the conference are invited the authors of publications on the philosophy of traditionalism and similar issues, as well as those who interested in the development of traditionalist thought in Russia.

The lingua franca will be Russian and English (translation is granted of some parts – not in whole).

To participate in the conference one should send an application indicating your personal data to address solomon2770@yandex.ru (for audience), and the theses of your proposed report (for participants). Theses must be given in electronic form in the text editor Word (Russian, Englisn, French, Portuguese, Spanish, German, Italian and other). Times New Roman, size 14.

As a result of the conference will be published a book of materials.

Chairman of organizing committee Natella Speranskaya (solomon2770@yandex.ru)

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